Books by Terence Lester

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Simple Prayers for Hurting People

Conversing with God in the Midst of Pain

Too hurt to pray? Ashamed to show your true feelings to God? “In this simple yet candid book of prayers, Lester articulates and captures words that people feel, but are afraid to express to God. If you want to pray, but do not know where to start, start with, “Simple Prayers for Hurting People.” This book will not only challenge you, but will also provide the words needed to start talking to God again!” This book would be a helpful tool for: -People who have experienced loss -People who desire to pray and do not know where to start -People who are new to the faith and prayer -People who need to find words to articulate to God -Leaders who are burned out -People who want to repair their relationship with God -People who have been wounded by the Church.

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Getting Past Stuck

“Out of the mud FOREVER”

The lack of forward mobility and a sense of reasonable accomplishment are natural desires in the human psyche. Deprivation of satisfying achievement has often led to great disappointment, remorse and emotional trauma. In “GETTING PAST STUCK,” Terence B. Lester affirms the fact that, at one time or the other, most of us will encounter adversity with the propensity to cause us to fall prey to self-condemnation and a sense of failure and stagnation. The presence of difficulty, within itself, is both excusable and predictable. Lester suggests that the methods employed to find one’s way out of stagnation or to correct uneasiness, reveal our tenacity, character and level of faith… -Kendra Norman-Bellamy, Essence Bestselling Author.