Love Beyond Walls

Terence and Cecilia launched “Love Beyond Walls” in 2013. One day, they discussed the possibilities of mobilizing tons of people to join them in serving the less fortunate with love and creativity.

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Over many years, Terence and Cecilia have led a couple hundred creative service projects, worked among the homeless, in schools, in communities, and have mobilized over 7000 volunteers to take love into environments where it doesn’t exist—partnering with churches, businesses, and individuals. They both have a deep passion for doing work in the trenches, and are moved to see people restored.

The Outcome

In 2013, they were directed to go an untraditional route in their work by starting an organization that primarily focuses on raising awareness of societal needs and mobilizing people to take part in those stories. Thus, Love Beyond Walls has become a reality. Since launching Love Beyond Walls, the organization has served over 50,000 people.

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