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When We Stand: The Power of Seeking Justice Together

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the injustices that we see in the world. We don’t know what to do and might think that we don’t have anything to offer. But by using our gifts in collaboration with others, we can do more together than we ever could on our own.

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I See You: How Love Opens Our Eyes to Invisible People

We don’t care about what we don’t see. Countless people are invisible to us. We overlook the poor and homeless, partly because we don’t share much space with them. More seriously, we often choose not to see the realities around us.

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Meet Terence Lester

Terence Lester is a speaker, activist, author, and thought leader in the realm of systemic poverty. He’s known for nationwide campaigns that bring awareness to issues surrounding homelessness, poverty, and economic inequality.

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Find Your Why:

A docuseries on starting small and sticking with your purpose!

Episode 1: Find your beginning

Episode 2: Find your people

Episode 3: Find grit

Episode 4: Find life change


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